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Your time to shine!

What can you do in 10 minutes? Well, it depends. Do you have only 10 minutes or a whole 10 minutes? It’s all about perspective.

If the task at hand is to tidy up the kitchen or clean out the garage, one could argue that 10 minutes is hardly enough time to get started, much less get anything accomplished. If, however, the task is broken down into smaller components, then it becomes more manageable. “Organize the kitchen” becomes empty the dishwasher, wipe down the stovetop, make a shopping list, sort through the day’s mail, take out the trash, prep the next day’s lunches, or discard expired food from pantry and refrigerator. Similarly, when “clean out the garage” can be reduced to achievable tasks, i.e., break down cardboard boxes for recycling, sweep out the leaves, label bins for easy identification, toss out any broken items, start a “Donations” box , then the project becomes less intimidating and the goal, more attainable.

A shift in perspective is often all that is needed to decrease your sense of overwhelm and embrace the endless possibilities of what can be accomplished in a mere 10 minutes. Let this be your time to shine!

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